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How do I adjust my PR26 CDBG Financial Summary Report if it includes some expenditures that should not be in this year's report (or excludes expenditures that should be in the report)?

Date Published: February 2019

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The PR26, Financial Summary Report, calculates the total of expenditures based on Vouchers completed during the program year, or marked as ‘prior year’ (a voucher can be marked for prior year if the submission date is within 90 days of the new program year start date). The Expenditure total can be adjusted to account for expenditures that should have been either included or excluded from the calculations. Enter adjustments (use a negative sign if excluding expenditures) on:

  • Line 10 (for expenditures other than Planning and Admin) or line 14 (Planning and Admin or Section 108 repayments only)
  • Line 20 to account for changes in Low-Mod Benefit expenditures if changes were made to lines 10
  • Line 30 for changes to expenditures on line 10 that are Public Service expenditures
  • Line 40 for changes in expenditures on line 14 that are Planning and Admin expenditures

Note that adjustments made on a PR26 report for one year may require revisions on a prior year and/or subsequent year’s PR26 report. Any adjustments on the PR26 report must be explained or accompanied by supporting documents to the HUD Field Office when submitting.

More information about the PR26 report is available in the Updated Instructions for Completing the CDBG Financial Summary Report (PR26) on the HUD Exchange.

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