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Is there a way to correct a CDBG drawdown that was made from the wrong grant year?

Date Published: February 2019

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The grant year of funds drawn down cannot be revised. However, there are two options to address a drawdown that was made from an incorrect grant year:

  1. A CDBG draw can be revised to another CDBG activity provided both activities involved in the revision have an Activity Status of "Open", and the activity the draw is being revised to must have sufficient funding from the same source, fund type, and year (beginning with 2015 funds) as the drawdown to cover the revised amount. Therefore, if the Grantee has another activity that needs a drawdown from that year’s funds, the drawdown could be revised to the other activity. The Grantee would then re-draw the funds for the original activity from the correct grant year.
  2. The Grantee can return the funds to the Line of Credit (LOC), and then follow the actions as described in the Instructions for Returning Funds to the Line of Credit and to US Treasury Memo. Grantees should consult with their local HUD Field Office Representative before returning funds.

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