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How can I correct duplicate IDIS Projects?

Date Published: February 2019

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IDIS projects correspond to your Consolidated Plan/Action Plan projects, which describe the work you will be carrying out in the coming program year with the CPD grant funds you are awarded. Each IDIS project is set up under a specific plan year.

When a grantee adds a project in the AP-35 screen of the Action Plan in the eCon Planning Suite, the Plan project is also added immediately as an IDIS project. Duplicate projects typically occur when a grantee creates a new project without realizing it has already been created.

Grantees can cancel duplicate projects by first searching for the project in the IDIS Projects tab, clicking the Edit link in the Action column, and then clicking the Cancel Project button at the top of the screen. Before canceling the duplicate project, Grantees should first confirm that the correct project is listed on the AP-35 Projects table of the associated Action Plan.

For guidance on adding and editing projects in the AP-35 screen, please see page 222 of the Consolidated Plan in IDIS Desk Guide.

More information about adding and editing projects is available in Chapter 2 of the CDBG Entitlement Communities Manual or the IDIS Online for State CDBG Grantees.

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