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How should IDIS Projects be set up in IDIS?

Date Published: February 2019

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IDIS Projects can be set up one of two ways:

  • For all grantees: Create a new Project through the AP-35 Projects Screen during the set-up of the Annual Action Plan (***All entitlement grantees are required to use this method and state grantees are encouraged to use this method)
  • Optional for State grantees only: Create a Project through the IDIS Projects sub-menu, under the Plans/Projects/Activities tab in IDIS

The recommended approach for all grantees is to create new IDIS Projects through the AP-35 Projects screens during the set-up of their Annual Action Plan. IDIS automatically adds a new project created through the AP-35 Projects screen into the list of projects in the Projects tab of IDIS, even if the status of the Action Plan is still "Open In-Progress." However, if the project was first created in IDIS, to avoid the duplication of projects the grantee should add that existing project to the AP-35 Projects table in the Action Plan instead of creating a new project.

For guidance on adding and editing projects in the AP-35 screen, please see page 222 of the Consolidated Plan in IDIS Desk Guide.

More information about adding and editing projects is available in Chapter 2 of the CDBG Entitlement Communities Manual or the IDIS Online for State CDBG Grantees.

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