How can my CoC use multipliers in the PIT count?

Date Published: January 2019

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CoCs that use a sampling approach to conduct their PIT counts often require multipliers to determine either the total population or subpopulation breakdowns of people experiencing homelessness on the night designated for their PIT count or to determine subpopulations.

CoCs should determine multiplier(s) based on their own local data and the type of PIT count they are conducting. For example, if the CoC conducted an unsheltered PIT count in an area where a particular population is over/underrepresented, the CoC should take that into account when determining a multiplier. HUD believes that each CoC is unique, so the best way to determine appropriate multipliers depends on your CoC’s unique data and factors.

Please consult the PIT Count Methodology Guide for more information regarding HUD’s standards for using a sampling PIT count approach.

For more information on extrapolation methods to account for missing demographic data in your PIT count please consult FAQ 3473.

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