How should Joint Component projects be reported in the HIC?

Date Published: January 2019

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As clarified in the “HIC Changes” section of Notice CPD-18-08: 2019 HIC and PIT Data Collection for CoC and ESG Programs:

“In the FY2017 CoC Program Competition, HUD began funding joint component grants that combine the activities of transitional housing (TH) with rapid re-housing (RRH) projects. CoCs should report these grants on the HIC by entering two separate projects – one for TH and one for RRH. Inventory reported under each project should reflect the inventory in use on the night of the count. To indicate that these are joint TH/RRH grants, CoCs must select both the HUD: CoC – Transitional Housing and HUD: CoC – Rapid Re-Housing funding source options in response to the HUD McKinney-Vento Funded question for each project. Reporting these as separate projects helps distinguish inventory for people currently experiencing homelessness from inventory for people formerly experiencing homelessness, per HUD’s definition.”

The Notice also clarifies on page 8 that, “Inventory reported under each project should comport with the inventory instruction for its respective project type as described throughout this Notice. For the TH project, this would mean including the available TH beds in the HIC, even if the TH beds are empty on the night of the PIT count, just as you would for any other TH project. If the TH project does not have a fixed inventory and has no beds on the night of the count, the CoC should exclude the TH project from the HIC.”


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