How should rapid re-housing (RRH) projects be reported in the HIC?

Date Published: January 2019

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Notice CPD-18-08: 2019 HIC and PIT Data Collection for CoC and ESG Programs clarifies some common areas of confusion regarding how to report RRH projects’ bed inventories on the HIC on pages 19-20:

“Rapid re-housing projects: On any given night, an RRH project will have current participants who are still homeless (e.g., staying in an emergency shelter) and seeking permanent housing, and participants who have located and are residing in permanent housing. For the purpose of reporting in the HIC, CoCs should count RRH beds and units based on the actual number of current project participants who are:

  1. Actively enrolled in the project on the night of the inventory count, including persons who are only receiving supportive services in the RRH project; and
  2. Are in permanent housing on the night of the inventory count [3.20 Housing Move-In Date could be used to identify RRH participants who have moved into permanent housing].

RRH projects that do not have any participants in permanent housing on the night of the inventory count (e.g., all participants are still in emergency shelter) should report zero (0) beds and zero (0) participants.”


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