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What is the process to commit funds to a CHDO activity?

Date Published: August 2018

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Funding CHDO activities is a multi-step process.

Begin by making sure the CHDO is entered in IDIS as a Subordinate Organization. To do this, click the "Grantee/PJ" tab at the top of any screen, then select "Subordinate-Search" on the left-hand menu. Enter part of the CHDO's name to find a list of matching organizations. If the CHDO is found, review the information for accuracy and confirm that the "CHDO Eligible" field is set to "Yes." If the CHDO is not listed, it can be added by selecting the "Subordinate-Add" link from the menu on the left.

The second step is to confirm there are adequate funds available in the CR subfund, which is automatically set up each year for 15% of the Participating Jurisdiction's (PJ) HOME grant. The PJ can increase the amount of the CR subfund beyond the 15% regulatory minimum if more CR funds are needed to fund the CHDO project.

The next step is to add a subgrant for the CHDO or, if the subgrant has already been created, to make any necessary updates. Keep in mind that if a subgrant for this CHDO was in the system the previous year, the system automatically adds a new subgrant the next year for that same CHDO, but leaves the funding as $0.00.

Once the subgrant has been added/updated, the CHDO activity can be funded with the CR funds from the subgrant(s). The Activity Funding screen should show a CR line for the CHDO with an "Available for Funding" amount. Note that because a CHDO can be funded from more than one year's subgrant, this line will show the available funding from all years.

If the CR funding is not showing as available after you fund the subgrant, it could be that the activity was not properly set up as a CHDO activity. To correct this, click the [Edit HOME] Setup Detail button on the Edit Activity screen, then click the [Update/Review CHDO Info] button at the top of the next screen. Change the "Will the activity be funded with CHDO Reserve?" field to "Yes" and fill in the other two fields on the screen.

More information about the steps in this process is explained in applicable chapters in the HOME IDIS Training Manual for PJs.

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