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What report can I run to see the activities completed during our last program year, to use for reporting in the CAPER?

Date Published: August 2018

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The PR22 report, Status of HOME Activities, can be run for "Open Activities and Activities Completed/Cancelled in the Last Year" or it can be run for "All Years". Keep in mind that if the first option is selected, the report shows activities that were completed/cancelled in the last year from the date the report is run. Example: If the report is run on 4/5/18 using the first option, all open activities will be included, but only activities completed or cancelled between 4/5/17 and 4/4/18 will be shown. If you need a report that covers a longer period, the "All Years" version can be run and then exported to Excel, where you can filter and sort on specific criteria.

More information about reports in IDIS is available in the IDIS Online Reports User Guide.

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