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Where can I find a report that shows the amount of HOME funds, the associated program years, and the expenditure deadlines (August 31, 2018 or any other dates) in IDIS or on the HUD Exchange?

Date Published: August 2018

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To check for expenditure deadlines, the HOME Deadline Compliance Status Report (DCSR) is posted monthly on the HUD Exchange. A grant-specific version of the DCSR is also available.

More information about the HOME Deadline Compliance Report can be found in: HOME FACTS Vol. 2, No. 3

The PR27 report can be helpful in determining the amount of expenditure requirements. HOME FACTS Vol.1, No. 3 explains how to use the PR27 to track HOME deadline compliance.

For specific information regarding expiring funds (2011 funds expire in September of 2018) please review the HOME Expiring Funds reports.

More information about reports in IDIS is available in the IDIS Online Reports User Guide.

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