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We are trying to complete a HOME activity, but we continue to receive the following error message "Activity Total: HOME Funds ($XXXX) must equal Total HOME Funds Disbursed ($XXXX). What does this mean?

Date Published: August 2018

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This error is received when the "HOME Funds" and the "Total HOME Funds Disbursed" fields in the Activity Totals section of the Costs tab of the Add/Edit Completion (Page 2) screen do not match. These amounts must be the same before the activity can be completed. To correct the error, go to the Costs tab and edit the entries in the "HOME Property Costs" and "HOME Downpayment Assistance" sections so that the sum of those amounts (displayed in the Activity Totals "HOME Funds" field) is equal to the "Total HOME Funds Disbursed" field. If the Total HOME Funds Disbursed amount is not correct, then the Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) should examine the vouchers for the activity to determine where the error occurred.

More information about setting up and completing HOME activities in IDIS is available in the HOME IDIS Training Manual for PJs.

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