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One of my HOME activities is now 'Blocked' and I can no longer make any edits. How can I have the activity unblocked?

Date Published: August 2018

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HUD uses IDIS to track compliance with the 4-year project completion requirement. Specifically, IDIS generates an "Involuntarily Terminated" flag that blocks any HOME activity that is still in "open" status 4 years after its initial funding date. To remove this flag, a Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) should contact its HUD Field Office to discuss which of the following options is most appropriate:

  1. Repayment: Generally, if a project has not been completed, according to the definition of project completion at §92.2 within 4 years of the commitment as measured by the dated signatures on the written agreement, the PJ must repay all HOME funds disbursed for the project with non-Federal funds in accordance with §92.503(b)(2).
  2. One-Year Extension: A PJ may request an extension of the 4-year project completion deadline of up to one year, if it can demonstrate to HUD that the project will be completed in accordance with the definition of project completion at §92.2.
  3. Demonstrate project completion prior to the four-year completion deadline.

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