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On the Renewal Grant Consolidation screen, question 2 asks if this is an individual project application or a fully consolidated project application. What do “individual” and “fully” mean in relation to the project applications?

Date Published: August 2018

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Applicants must submit each individual renewal grant application being included in the grant consolidation separately in addition to the application for the consolidated project. Applicants identify the individual renewal grant being included in a consolidation by selecting “a. Individual.” Applicants identify the consolidated application by selecting “b. Fully Consolidated.” When “Fully Consolidated” is selected, additional questions will appear to list information for all the renewal grants (at least two, but no more than four) that are being consolidated:

  1. Project Identification Number (PIN);
  2. Total Requested Amount;
  3. Surviving PIN or Terminating PIN;
  4. Operating Start Date; and
  5. Expiration Date.

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