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What reports are currently available in IDIS for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program?

Date Published: August 2018

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The following HEARTH-ESG (HESG) reports are in IDIS. These reports are unique to the HESG grant path in IDIS. They can be located by navigating through the Reports tab:

  • PR91* – ESG Financial Summary Report
  • PR91 – ESG Subrecipients Vouchers Report
  • PR92 – ESG Financial Summary Report Suite
  • PR93 – ESG Risk Status Report

*Use the PR91 in place of the PR01 and PR02. The PR01 was updated in IDIS Release 11.8 to no longer include HESG information.

In addition, ESG recipients can utilize other IDIS reports that are not specific to the HESG grant path for troubleshooting other issues. These are:

  • PR05 – Drawdown Report by Project and Activity
  • PR07 – Drawdown Report by Voucher Number
  • PR30 – Security Administrator User Profile List
  • PR32 – Grantee Contact Information Report
  • PR70 – Activity Funding Detail Audit History

More information about reports in IDIS is available in the IDIS Online Reports User Guide.

For more guidance on HESG, please view the Using IDIS Online for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program resource.

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