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How do you revise an HESG voucher from one subrecipient to another, for the same activity?

Date Published: August 2018

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IDIS functionality allows users to revise vouchers to reallocate or reprogram funds to other subrecipients or activities set up under same grant year of funds. Note that the process, described below, is the same to revise a voucher from one activity to another for the same recipient.

  • Click Funding/Drawdown at the top of screen, then click Search Vouchers under Drawdown. IDIS will display the Search Vouchers screen.
  • Search the IDIS Voucher # or by other methods you prefer (IDIS Activity ID, Earliest Creation Date, Line Item Status).
  • Click Maintain-Approve. The Maintain and Approve Voucher screen will appear.
  • Click Revise in the action column, and the Revise Voucher Line Item screen will display. If the Revise option is not available, that can indicate that the activity is in Completed status. If so, the activity must be reopened before revising the voucher.
  • In the HESG Subrecipient with Drawn Amount dropdown menu, select the subrecipient that originally had funds drawn.
  • Enter a description of the revision in the Required Justification* text box (the asterisk signifies this is a mandatory field).
  • Click Select Target for the IDIS Activity ID and HESG subrecipient to which you intend to reallocate the funds.
  • Enter the appropriate amount in the corresponding Amount box for each subrecipient and activity.
  • Click Save, and Voucher Revised Successfully message will display.

Detailed instructions can be found in the Using IDIS Online for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program resource.

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