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When attempting to fund the HESG Admin activity, the error message "There are no funding sources available for this activity at this time" displays. What is causing this problem?

Date Published: August 2018

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Prior to funding the Administration activity, the HEARTH-ESG (HESG) Administration (AD) subfund needs to be created.

To create the HESG AD subfund:

  • Click the Grant tab at the top of the page to display the Search Grants screen.
  • On the left side, click 'ADD' under 'Subfund'.
  • Enter program 'HESG'; program year; fund type 'AD'.
  • Enter the authorized subfund amount.
  • Click on Save to return to the Add Subfunds screen. The HESG AD Subfund is now created and ready to use.

For more guidance on HESG, please review the Using IDIS Online for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program resource.

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