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What happens if HUD rejects the consolidation project application in the CoC Program Competition? Will the projects that are part of the consolidation project lose the funds permanently?

Date Published: July 2019

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If HUD determines the consolidation project application is not viable (e.g., the project applicant attempted to consolidate two different component types or one or more of the projects that are part of the consolidation project application have outstanding monitoring or audit findings), HUD will remove the consolidation project application from funding consideration. HUD will review each of the renewal project applications separately and if the individual project applications pass eligibility and quality threshold, HUD will consider the individual projects for conditional award. For this reason, HUD requires the project applicants to submit the individual renewal projects separately and requires that CoCs rank the individual project applications with unique rank numbers.

If the project applicant does not submit the individual renewal projects associated with the consolidation project and the CoC does not rank the individual renewal projects, HUD will not be able to review the individual projects if the consolidation application is determined invalid which means the project applicant will lose funding and the CoC will lose Annual Renewal Demand (ARD). However, as with any project application ranked in Tier 2, HUD will apply the Tier 2 project application scoring to determine if HUD will select and conditionally award Tier 2 projects.

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