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Is HUD allowing two or more projects to consolidate into a single project in the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition?

Date Published: June 2018

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Yes. Eligible renewal project applicants will have the ability to consolidate two or more eligible renewal projects (but no more than four projects) into one project application during the application process. The projects being combined during a grant consolidation will continue uninterrupted. To be eligible for consolidation, projects must have the same recipient and be for the same component; and they will be funded in this competition only with FY 2018 funds.

HUD changed the process beginning with the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition to decrease the amount of time and burden it takes recipients to consolidate eligible projects. By using the project application process to consolidated eligible renewal projects, if approved and selected for conditional award, the recipient will only need to execute one grant agreement and does not have to go through a two-step process: execute the grant agreement and then execute a consolidated grant agreement.

To apply for a consolidated grant, applicants must submit separate renewal project applications for each of the grants that are proposed to be consolidated, and an application for the new consolidated grant with the combined budget and information of all grants proposed for consolidation. Project applications for the grants that are proposed to be consolidated will be ranked, and if all those grants are selected, HUD will award the single consolidated grant. If one of the grants proposed to be consolidated is found to be ineligible for consolidation or is not selected, HUD will award all grants that are eligible for renewal and selected as separate grants. See Section V.B.3.a.(7) of this NOFA for additional requirements.

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