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Are CoCs required to rank DV Bonus projects for the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition?

Date Published: June 2018

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Yes. CoCs must rank all Domestic Violence (DV) Bonus projects on the New Project Listing of the CoC Priority Listing with a unique rank number. If HUD conditionally selects project applications designated as DV Bonus, HUD will remove the ranked DV Bonus projects from the New Project Listing and all other project applications ranked below the DV Bonus project will slide up one rank position (e.g., if the conditionally selected DV Bonus project is ranked #5, HUD will remove the DV Bonus project and each project below #5 will move up one ranked position.) If the DV Bonus project application is not conditionally selected with DV Bonus funds, the project application will remain in its ranked position and will be considered for funding as a bonus project with available CoC Program funds, provided the CoC meets the requirements for bonus projects.

A CoC can only submit one project application for each project type: PH-RRH, Joint TH and PH-RRH, and SSO-CE. If a CoC submits more than one project application for each project type, HUD will only consider the highest ranked project that passes eligibility and quality threshold review; e.g., if a CoC submits 2 PH-RRH project applications under the DV Bonus, HUD will consider the highest ranked PH-RRH project application that passed eligibility and quality threshold for the DV Bonus and the lowest ranked PH-RRH project will be considered under the regular bonus project (see Section III.C.3.c of this NOFA).

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