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Our street outreach teams reach 100% of our geographic area. Why didn't we receive the maximum number of points available for 4A-4?

Date Published: June 2018

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Question 4A-4 stated: Street Outreach: Describe: (1) the CoC's outreach and if it covers 100 percent of the CoC's geographic area; (2) how often street outreach is conducted; and (3) how the CoC has tailored its street outreach to those that are least likely to request assistance.

Narrative responses must have affirmed that the CoC's outreach covered 100 percent of their geography and described the nature of the street outreach.

Applicants lost points on this question if they:

  • only named street outreach in several cities or counties within the CoC but clearly did not include the entire geography,
  • did not clearly state the frequency of street outreach (e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.), or
  • did not adequately describe how the CoC tailors their outreach activities to those that are least likely to request assistance, e.g., households with barriers related to communication including those for whom English is a second language, or those who use Sign Language or other communication methods, transportation, cognitive and physical disabilities, access to phone or internet, and other barriers the CoC identified as significant issues in the communities they serve.

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