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We increased the number of successful permanent housing placements from emergency shelter (ES), safe havens (SH), transitional housing (TH), and rapid rehousing (RRH). Why didn't we receive the maximum score for question 3A-3?

Date Published: June 2018

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HUD reviewed the percentage of the increase of successful permanent housing placements. In scoring the system performance measure questions 3A-1 to 3A-5, HUD reviewed the responses to the narrative questions and information in the HDX report. The score for question 3A-3 is based on three elements:

  • The narrative response in 3A-3,
  • HDX report data on the number of exits from ES, SH, TH, and RRH to permanent housing destinations between 2015 and 2016,
  • HDX report data on the number of clients that retain permanent housing (except RRH) or exit from permanent housing destinations between 2015 to 2016.

The narrative response required descriptions of (1) the numerical change in successful permanent housing placement and retention, (2) the CoC's strategy to increase the rate of which individuals and families move to permanent housing destination or retain permanent housing, and (3) the organization or position responsible for overseeing the CoC's strategy for retention of, or placement in permanent housing.

Applicants lost points for failure to provide any of the required information in the narrative response. For both of the system performance measures in this question, applicants lost points if they did not report an increase between 2015 and 2016 in the data reported in HDX.

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