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I’m having trouble using my client management system (CMS) to transmit the HUD-9902 form report to HUD. What should I do?

Date Published: April 2018

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It’s important to note that HUD does not oversee CMS vendors. Your first step should be to contact your CMS vendor.

OHC hosted webinars on how to use CounselorMax and Home Counselor Online to produce HUD-9902 form reports. View the archived webinars. If you would like to see similar webinar training on a different CMS product, please email your suggestions to: housing.counseling@hud.gov.

If you are unable to use your CMS to transmit the HUD-9902 form by the reporting deadline, the data may be input manually in HUD’s Housing Counseling System (HCS), although manual input is not the preferred method. Please refer to the HCS Agency User Guide on the HCS Resources page for instructions. Any data manually entered into HCS will be overwritten if a submission is received via a HUD compliant CMS. This includes agency profile information. Agencies should not use a combination of manual entry and automated CMS data submission.

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