Housing Counseling FAQ

How many times can a household be counted on the HUD-9902 form?

Date Published: April 2018

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A household should be counted once for each distinct housing counseling or education service it receives.

If a household participates in a workshop and later receives individual counseling, or if a household receives various distinct types of individual counseling or group education, record them in the appropriate row in Sections 8 and 9, and then again in Sections 3-7 for each distinct workshop and/or counseling type. For example, a household receiving homebuyer education, pre-purchase counseling and mortgage delinquency prevention counseling during the same year is recorded in Sections 3-7 three times, and Sections 8 or 9 three times.

Consequently, the total in Section 3 = total in Section 4 = total in Section 5 = total of Section 6 = total of Section 7 = total of Section 8 + Section 9.

The data totals entered in Section 10 are independent of the totals entered in Sections 3-9. Households can be counted multiple times, or not at all, in Section 10 based on the impact and scope of the counseling services provided.

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