Housing Counseling FAQ

Last quarter, I manually entered my agency contact, personnel, and counseling method information into the Housing Counseling System (HCS). However, when I logged back into HCS the following quarter to validate my agency profile, and check my agency's HUD-9902 submissions, the agency profile, counseling methods, and counselor data no longer reflects what I previously entered. Why did my agency’s information change?

Date Published: April 2018

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Any data entered manually into the Housing Counseling System will be overwritten if a submission is received via a HUD compliant Client Management System (CMS). This includes agency profile information.

Most CMSs allow agencies to automatically submit the Agency Profile, Types of Counseling Method, Counselor Profile, HUD-9902 form, and Client Profile data from their CMS to HCS. As a result, when the CMS system connects with HCS, those fields will automatically update based on the information available in the agency’s CMS. Blank fields in an agency’s CMS profile will overwrite existing information in HCS. This will affect the agency’s listing on HUD’s website, and clients may not see the agency’s contact information or full range of service offered.

Agencies should not be using a combination of manual entry and automated CMS data submission, and should assure that their CMS profiles are up-to-date, with accurate Agency Profile and Counselor Profile information. This will allow for the most accurate and consistent data in HCS.

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