Can a CoC implement a regional approach to coordinated entry when the amount and types of resources available in different parts of the CoC's geography vary?

Date Published: February 2018

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Notice-CPD-17-01 states that CoCs covering a large geographic area may design their coordinated entry to include multiple referral zones in order to avoid making persons travel or move long distances in order to be assessed or served. HUD wants to clarify that this is only an option where there are actually housing and service resources available within each referral zone. In the event that resources are concentrated exclusively in particular counties within the CoC, this type of approach would not be appropriate because persons experiencing homelessness throughout the CoC would not have fair and equal access to available resources. It is important to remember that the CoC is ultimately responsible for addressing the needs of all persons experiencing homelessness within its geographic area. Therefore, when available resources are not broadly distributed throughout the geographic area, HUD expects the CoC to design its coordinated entry in a manner that would allow the same type of access to available resources to all persons experiencing homelessness within the CoC, regardless of which county they are presenting for assistance. Client choice must still be considered when making referrals and persons experiencing homelessness cannot be forced to move to other geographic areas.

Tags: CoC Program Requirements - Coordinated Entry

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