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When are Supervisory Reviews required, and how often should they be conducted?

Date Published: January 2018

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According to the Housing Counseling Handbook, under Staff and Supervision, Supervisors of housing counselors must monitor the work of the housing counselors by reviewing client files with the housing counselor to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the housing counseling. The agency must document these monitoring activities and make the documentation available to HUD upon request.” HUD Monitors will request a copy of Supervisory Reviews at the time of a Performance Review. This is reflected on question 73 of the HUD 9910 form, which guides HUD Housing Counseling Performance Reviews.

It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that counseling services are provided in accordance with HUD requirements, and supervisory reviews are an important part of meeting this responsibility. While agencies have some flexibility in determining their supervisory review policies, in HUD’s experience many agencies have incorporated a quarterly supervisory review policy.

For further guidance on what should be included in a client file, please see FAQ 2523 and FAQ 2519. Additionally, Chapter 5 of the Housing Counseling Handbook provides information on what should be included in a client file.

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