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If an Intermediary, Multi-State Organization, or State Housing Finance Agency has added an additional branch or affiliate during a grant term, and they intend to adjust their budget allocations, may they continue to submit voucher requests based on the budget allocations previously entered in the Housing Counseling System?

Date Published: January 2018

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Yes, the Intermediary, Multi-State Organization (MSO), or State Housing Finance Agency (SHFA) may continue to submit vouchers based on the existing budget allocations entered into the Housing Counseling System (HCS). In doing so, Grantees should assure that they are aware of the remaining balances in each sub-allocation so that they have sufficient funds to amend budget allocations after draws are completed.

As indicated in Section III.C.2.c. of the FY 2016 and 2017 Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program NOFA; “Grantees may request to amend their Sub-grantee list after awards are made by submitting written request and detailed justification to HUD. Such amendments will be approved at HUD’s sole discretion.” Please check the Housing Counseling NOFA Section of HUD Exchange to assure that this requirement is unchanged during the year your agency was awarded funding.

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