Housing Counseling FAQ

May a sub-grantee utilize a housing counseling grant for travel expenses associated with having an intermediary travel to a sub-grantee’s location for the intermediary to provide training?

Date Published: January 2018

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HUD‘s Office of Housing Counseling and HUD-Approved Training Providers provide an array of web based trainings throughout the year. HUD-Approved Training Providers also utilize training grant funds under the Housing Counseling Training Program to provide scholarships that include tuition, travel, and lodging. HUD would encourage participants to take part in these web-based training opportunities, or to seek out these scholarships to assist with training costs before pursuing training provided by an intermediary.

If a participating agency is unable to obtain relevant training in any other way, the costs associated with tuition, travel, and lodging for on-site training provided by an intermediary would be billable, provided the costs incurred remain within the sub-grantee’s approved amount budgeted for training costs under the total sub-award issued by the parent agency.

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