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When completing the HUD-27054E LOCCS Access Authorization Form, must my agency send a voided check?

Date Published: January 2018

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When completing the LOCCS Access Authorization and Direct Deposit Sign-up forms it is important to follow all instructions provided. Detailed instructions can be found on the HUD webpage at LOCCS Access Guidelines for Grantees. Additionally, the eLOCCS form 27054E should never be emailed. The original eLOCCS form 27054E should always be mailed to the HUD Point of Contact (POC), or the eLOCCS SME.

Although a canceled or voided check is preferred, for those grantees that use electronic banking the Fort Worth Accounting Center will also accept either a voided deposit slip, or a letter from the grantee’s bank, on bank letterhead as substitutes for voided checks.

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