How do I request Technical Assistance for my HMIS implementation?

Date Published: October 2017

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You may submit a request for direct technical assistance through the HUD Exchange TA Portal. “Request Program Assistance” provides access to on-call TA and on-site TA. HUD first addresses all TA requests via on-call TA, which provides up to 16 hours of remote TA to address program and project management issues./

If TA resources are available, HUD can provide on-site TA for complex project or management issues. To be eligible for on-site TA, the request must meet HUD priorities. For CoCs, these priorities include coordinated assessment/systems mapping, CoC governance and structure, systems analysis, performance measurement, HMIS, and troubled projects. HUD will only provide on-site TA for the Continuum of Care program if the requesting CoC undertook the CoC Checkup and assigned itself a preliminary self-assessment rating.

Tags: Program Administration - Technical Assistance

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