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Will the PIN number automatically update from previous grant year for renewal project applications?

Date Published: August 2017

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In the renewal project application e-snaps Screen 1A, project applicants must only submit the first 6 characters (project PIN) of their grant number in field 5b. The field will automatically update with the PIN instead of the complete 16-digit grant number when bringing forward data from a previous grant year. If not bringing forward information from a previous grant year, the field will be blank and the project applicant must complete the field with the PIN the project applicant is applying to renew.

The PIN remains the same for each project from year to year and must match the first 6 characters of the grant number listed on the final FY 2017 GIW. To simplify the process for renewal project applicants, HUD will update the full grant number upon award–example of a project PIN: KY0097, is project number 97 from Kentucky. Failure to enter the correct PIN might cause a significant delay in HUD funding the project.

Check to confirm that the Federal Award Identifier has been updated to reflect the correct PIN. This is a critical confirmation. Project applicants should contact their CoC administrator or local HUD CPD field office representative with questions about expiring grant numbers or PINs. Once project applicants have confirmed that the PIN entered into field 5b. accurately represents the correct PIN for the project requesting renewal funds, click the checkbox. This field is required.

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