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How does the Submit Without Changes option work for renewal project applicants? 

Date Published: August 2017

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Project applicants that have renewed at least once in a previous CoC Program Competition can bring forward application details from the most recent Competition year. New in FY 2017, project applicants that choose to import previous competition data will have the opportunity to submit their project application without making changes. To do this, after completing the Standard Forms and Certifications in Part 1, project applicants can review the grant’s imported data on the remaining screens in a “Read-Only” format and then submit the FY 2017 project renewal application without any changes. There are only two screens that project applicants must review if they select this option:

  • Screen 3C. Dedicated Plus contains a new question concerning the Dedicated Plus project designation and is only visible for PH-PSH projects; and
  • Screen 6D. Sources of Match contains a new question concerning Program Income and is visible for all project and component types.

In addition, screens 7A and 7B remain open for attachments and certification. Project applicants that need to make other changes to the information on one or more screens, can navigate to the “Submission Without Changes” Screen, select “Make Changes,” and check the box next to each relevant screen title to unlock screens for editing.

Note: In general, HUD discourages project applicants from making annual updates to renewal applications and reminds project applicants that they are prohibited from using the project application to request changes that require an amendment to the grant agreement. HUD expects that a project’s proposed project application information will remain the same from year-to-year unless changes are directed by HUD or approved through the grant agreement amendment process. However, HUD also expects applicants to carefully review their information to determine if submitting without changes accurately reflects the expiring grant requesting renewal.

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