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What are HUD’s requirements for documentation of third-party in-kind match contributions in the project application? 

Date Published: August 2017

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The CoC Interim Rule at 24 CFR 578.73(c)(3) requires that in-kind services, to be provided by a third party, must be documented by a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the recipient or subrecipient and the third party that will provide the services prior to execution of the grant. The project application has a dedicated screen to attach the MOU for in-kind match, 7A. In-Kind Match MOU Attachment. This screen only appears if the applicant has selected “Yes” in response to question 1 on Screen 6I (New Projects) or 6D (Renewal).

HUD strongly recommends that project applicants attach the MOU to their application in e-snaps if it is available at the time of application. If project applicants do not attach a MOU that documents in-kind match HUD will place a condition on the project, if selected for conditional award, which will require project applicants to produce a MOU before grant agreement execution.

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