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If project applicants intend to use program income as match, as permitted under the FY 2017 HUD Appropriations Act, are project applicants required to provide any information as part of their project application?

Date Published: August 2017

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New and Renewal project applicants that intend to use program income as match must complete new questions in e-snaps on Screen 6I (New projects) and 6D (Renewal) Sources of Match:

1. Does this project generate program income as described in 24 CFR 578.97 that will be used as Match for this grant? Answer “Yes” or “No.” If “Yes,” the following questions and text box will appear. If “No,” no further response is required.

1a. Briefly describe the source of the program income: Enter description. Note: CoC-generated program income includes occupancy charges paid to the recipient or subrecipient and tenant’s portion of the rent, if the recipient or subrecipient is also the landlord or owner and the program participant is paying rent directly to the recipient or subrecipient organization. These amounts are considered program income and may be used as Match funds.

1b. Estimate the amount of program income that will be used as Match for this project: Enter estimated amount in the field provided.

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