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If an individual has passed the certification examination but FHA Connection is rejecting their request to register for an FHA Connection ID, or process their request for HUD Certified Housing Counselor status, what can that individual do?

Date Published: August 2017

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The most common cause for this issue is when the FHA Connection system cannot match the information that the individual entered through www.hudhousingcounselors.com with what they entered in FHA Connection (FHAC). The individual should verify that they are entering the same social security number used to register for the certification examination and counselor ID provided in the email from www.hudhousingcounselors.com. Please note that the counselor ID sent to the individual from www.hudhousingcounselors.com is entered in Counselor Exam ID field in FHAC. The individual can verify information submitted through their user profile at www.hudhousingcounselors.com. Read the instructions on obtaining and FHAC User ID on the HUD Exchange. For further assistance, please send an email to housing.counseling@hud.gov with subject line FHAC Application Assistance.

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