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The FY 2017 CoC Program Competition NOFA states that a new process this year will allow project applicants to apply for a new expansion project under the reallocation process or permanent housing bonus to expand an existing eligible renewal project. Has this not always been the case as we recall indicating in a previous new project application that we answered questions regarding the expansion of an existing project? Is there a difference?

Date Published: July 2017

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It is true, CoCs have been able to apply for projects that expand existing renewal projects through reallocation or the Permanent Housing Bonus in prior years' competitions. What is new this year is that in this instance, is that if awarded the "new" expansion portion of the project will be combined with the renewing project in a single grant agreement that adopts the renewing project's program operating year. Previously, a project that wanted to add funds to add additional participants, units, services, etc., would complete the expansion form in the new project application and, if awarded funds  would operate two grant agreements for the single project and perhaps request a grant agreement consolidation a few years later.

Because of this change, it is critical that expansion projects that are expanding existing CoC Program funded renewal projects follow the detailed instructions for the project application. This means the project applicant must:

  1. provide the eligible renewal grant number that the project applicant requests to expand on the new project application;
  2. clearly indicate how the new project application will expand units, beds, services, persons served, or in the case of HMIS projects, how the current HMIS grant activities will be expanded for the CoC's geographic area; and
  3. ensure the funding request for the new expansion project is within the funding parameters allowed under the reallocation process or permanent housing bonus.

There is nothing in this new policy that prohibits CoCs from expanding a project that is currently receiving money from another funding source–which is a second type of eligible expansion. However, in this case, the project applicant will not be required to follow the instruction above because there is no CoC Program renewal grant to expand.

All new expansion project applications, including both those that renew existing CoC Program funding and those that renew projects funded through other sources, will be reviewed using the procedures and selection criteria established in Section V.G.2.c. of this NOFA. If the new expansion project exceeds the amount of funding available under the reallocation process or permanent housing bonus amount, HUD will reduce the funding request to the available amount, which could affect the activities of the new expansion project. If the renewal project application is not conditionally selected for funding, the expansion project application will not be selected.

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