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What is the difference between a Program Year Report and a Grant Year Report? The PR26 CDBG Financial Summary report is by Program Year, while PR26 CDBG Activity Summary is by Grant Year.

Date Published: June 2017

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A program year report will capture all the financial transactions within the selected 12-month period, while a grant year report will capture just those transactions made against a selected annual grant allocation, over the life of that grant.

The PR26 CDBG Financial Summary report displays funding and expenditures that occurred during the selected Program Year, regardless of which annual grant the expenditures were charged against.

The PR26 CDBG Activity Summary by Selected Grant report displays funding and expenditures by activity from the specific annual grant funds (e.g. 2015), regardless of the program year during which those transactions occurred. This is particularly important in context of the new two-part test for determination of compliance with the Planning and Admin cap, beginning with 2015 grants, as described in the interim rule effective December, 2015: Changes to Accounting Requirements for the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) Program.

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