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How do we correct the following error message: "For activities with a national objective of LMH*, the number of beneficiaries reported (owner + renter) for all years on CDBG Accomplishment Detail Page 1 must equal the total number of addresses entered"?

Date Published: June 2017

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For activities with a national objective of LMH* and an accomplishment type of 'housing units', a separate address must be entered for each assisted unit before the activity can be completed.

To enter the remaining addresses, go to CDBG Setup Detail (Page 1). Scroll down to the section titled Address and click the [Add/Edit Additional Locations] button at the bottom left of the Address section.

More information about reporting accomplishments in IDIS is available in the IDIS Online for CDBG Entitlement Communities Manual or the IDIS Online for State CDBG Grantees.

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