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How do I edit my organization's program contact information in IDIS?

Date Published: June 2017

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Only those grantee users with administrative privileges can edit grantee program contact information.  Users with these privileges will see an additional "Admin" module in the blue, top bar.  Each organization is required to list a first contact, and is encouraged to list a second contact if possible, for each of the CPD programs where the organization is the direct recipient of HUD funding. 

To edit program contact information, the Local Grantee Administrator should:

  1. Click the Grantee/PJ tab to display the View Grantee screen. On the navigation bar (left-hand side of the screen), click on the "Edit Contacts" link.
  2. The "Chief Elected Official" section and each program area has a set of links including "Update", "New", and "Change to Another." Select "Update" to edit the information for the existing program contact and select "New" to add a new program contact. The "Change to Another" link can be used to search for and select a different contact as the new program contact.

For Consolidated Plans or Annual Action Plans, the user with administrative privileges should confirm that all program contact information is up-to-date on the AD-55 Verify Grantee/PJ – Program Contacts Screen. When contact information is updated on the AD-55 screen, it is automatically updated on the Grantee/PJ tab as well and vice-versa.

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