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Why were the GIWs for each CoC posted to the HUD Exchange and not sent to each CoC individually?

Date Published: July 2019

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HUD changed the way Grant Inventory Worksheets (GIWs) are completed, reviewed, and edited in an effort to reduce the amount of time spent correcting information on the GIWs and to reduce the likelihood of version control errors and ensure all CoCs, current recipients of CoC Program funding, and stakeholders are able to review the projects that are eligible for renewal in the CoC and provide feedback to the CoC about whether the information is accurate.

HUD populated each CoC’s GIW with all conditionally awarded projects with 1-year grant terms and first-time renewal projects originally awarded with multiyear funding expiring in the Calendar Year (CY), e.g., January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019, that are expected to apply for CoC Program funds in the current FY CoC Program Competition.

However, it is important that CoCs review this information for accuracy and report to HUD any grant agreement amendments that may significantly change budget line items, and any eligible renewal grant(s) that may be missing from the posted GIW.

Any changes that are needed must be made using the GIW Change Form, which is also posted to the HUD Exchange. The CoC-designated Collaborative Applicant must complete the GIW Change Form and send it to the CoC's local HUD field office representative for review and approval. After the field office reviews and approves information on the GIW Change Form, the local HUD field office will send the form to HUD Headquarters who will update the GIW based on the information provided in the GIW Change Form. After HUD Headquarters reviews all revised GIWs, it will post the GIWs with revisions to the HUD Exchange with a revision date–HUD expects this to be prior to or shortly after the current FY CoC Program Competition opens.

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