Housing Counseling FAQ

How will FHA lenders know which FHA programs require housing counseling by a HUD certified housing counselor?

Date Published: June 2017

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As of the publication date of the Final Rule the specific FHA programs requiring housing counseling are the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program and the Back to Work - Extenuating Circumstances Initiative (Note: The Back to Work - Extenuating Circumstances Initiative expired on September 30, 2016). As of August 1, 2020, the Final Compliance Date, all housing counseling performed in connection with the HECM Program and Back to Work Initiative must be performed by HUD certified housing counselors. HUD will notify lenders when there are any changes to the list of FHA programs requiring housing counseling, and HUD will also update their resource, Other HUD Programs Covered Under HUD's Final Rule for Housing Counseling Certification.

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