Can I use a phone- or web-based survey for the PIT count, or do I have to administer face-to-face surveys?

Date Published: December 2016

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HUD has set a standard that requires a face-to-face PIT count for both adults and youth. For the PIT count, while many Continuums of Care (CoCs) administer hand-written surveys in which they ask each person the survey questions, it is possible to administer web-based survey using a tablet or smartphone. However, the interviewer must still ask the questions of the homeless person and complete the survey on their behalf.

The only exception to the face-to-face requirement that HUD allows is for a case manager to reach out to someone on their caseload to verify their homeless status on the night of the CoC's PIT count. While it is not face-to-face, it is based on a case manager who knows and is working with his/her clients and there is sufficient confidence in the response. This can be effective for school liaisons reaching out to their caseload as well.

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