Housing Counseling FAQ

For a client receiving pre-purchase counseling, must the agency address issues that arise post-purchase including, but not limited to,financing, refinancing, default, foreclosure, and other financial concerns, and the sale or other disposition of the property?

Date Published: December 2016

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Yes. Pre-purchase counseling is a type of Homeownership Counseling and the agency must address all of the other homeownership topics.

For every client that is receiving pre-purchasing counseling, the agency must address issues arising during or affecting the period of ownership of a home (including financing, refinancing, default, and foreclosure, and other financial decisions) and the sale or other disposition of a home, are relevant to the potential needs of the client so that the client may be prepared and understand issues that might arise during their ownership period. It is also important that clients are aware of issues related to refinancing, default, and foreclosure so they understand their options should there be financial problems that arise during their period of homeownership.

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