Some Transitional Housing (TH) projects in my community lost funding or switched to become Rapid Rehousing (RRH). How do I account for this in the AHAR bed counts?

Date Published: November 2017

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If any TH projects were closed or reconfigured to RRH during the AHAR reporting year (Oct. 1 of prior year to Sept. 30 of the current year), you will need to account for this in your AHAR bed counts. Beds reported in AHAR should be prorated to generate a year-round equivalent (YRE) count of TH beds. Refer to other AHAR FAQs in the “Counting Beds in Your AHAR Submission” section for instructions on how to properly prorate these beds.

Remember that RRH projects are not counted in AHAR. If a TH project was reconfigured to RRH during the reporting year, the beds and people occupying those beds should be included in AHAR only during the time the project was technically assigned as TH.

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