What is the process of confirming your data?

Date Published: November 2017

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Data confirmation can take place at any time during the data collection phase, but only when all of the reporting categories within a section (i.e., All Persons or Veterans) have been marked as “Complete” by your data Liaison. In order to get to “Complete,” the AHAR submitter must have submitted data into HDX and marked each category they are reporting to “In Review” from “In Progress.” In cases where the category has zero providers or the community chooses not to report, the community must select the corresponding status and the Liaison must mark these as “complete.”

The confirmation button will only appear to users once all categories within a section are marked as “complete” and will only be active on the CoC Primary’s account in HDX. If your community has not reached the “complete” stage before the December 1st deadline, the HDX will automatically mark these categories as complete and the confirmation button will appear. The community has through the end of December 5th to actively confirm their data. Data submissions that are not confirmed by the end of December 5th will be confirmed automatically in the HDX and reviewed for usability.

Although the confirmation button will only appear later in the data collection process, we encourage communities to have someone from the CoC with a broad perspective on the local homeless population review the data more than once during the data submission process. This will ensure that the person assigned as the AHAR data submitter is on the right track with their submission.

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