Where can I get access to the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) User Interface (UI)?

Date Published: September 2016

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Access to the User Interface (UI) is provided to program participants required to submit an AFH to HUD. Access to the UI will not be provided to the general public. Currently, access to the UI for the AFH Assessment Tool is limited to program participants that are among the first that will be required to submit AFHs to HUD under the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule. Those program participants can register to use the User Interface by following the instructions provided on the HUD Exchange. Other program participants will be asked to register for the UI at a later date.

View the AFH User Interface Quick Guide. There is also a webinar on the Assessment of Fair Housing User Interface. Instructions for program participants registering to access the AFH Assessment Tool User Interface (UI) through HUD's secure systems are available. If you need additional assistance with the User Interface, please email or call 202-402-2597.

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