What happens to my Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) due date if I am participating in a joint or regional AFH?

Date Published: September 2016

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If program participants choose to collaborate on the submission of an AFH please note the requirements for Joint and Regional collaborations at 24 C.F.R. § 5.156.

24 C.F.R. § 5.156(b) discusses coordinating program years and submission deadlines to facilitate joint and regional AFHs: “To the extent practicable, all collaborating program participants must be on the same program year and fiscal year (as applicable) before submission of the joint AFH or regional AFH. (See § 5.160 and 24 CFR 91.10 and 903.5.) The applicable procedures for changing Consolidated Plan program participant program year start dates, if necessary, are described in 24 CFR 91.10. The applicable procedures for changing PHA fiscal year beginning dates, if necessary, are described in 24 CFR part 903.”

24 C.F.R. § 5.156(b)(2) discusses the options for the program participants if alignment is not practicable: “If alignment of a program year or fiscal year is not practicable, the submission deadline for a joint AFH or regional AFH must be based on the designated lead entity’s program year start date or fiscal year beginning date(as applicable), as provided in § 5.160(c). Within 12 months after the date of AFH acceptance, each collaborating program participant that has a program year start date, or fiscal year beginning date, earlier than the designated lead entity must make appropriate revisions to its full Consolidated Plan (as described in § 91.15(b)(2) of this chapter), or PHA Plan and any plan incorporated therein, to incorporate strategies and proposed actions consistent with the fair housing goals, issues, and other elements identified in the joint AFH or regional AFH.” HUD encourages you to work with your local Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO), Community and Planning Development (CPD), and Public and Indian Housing (PIH) field staff, as relevant, to discuss the logistics of aligning program and/or fiscal years.

For more information concerning collaborations in the AFH process, please refer to Section 3.3 of HUD’s AFFH Rule Guidebook. See also the Fair Housing Planning Process Under the AFFH Rule Fact Sheet for more information about collaborating on AFH submissions.

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