What are my options for collaborating on an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH)?

Date Published: September 2016

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Program participants have the option of preparing an AFH on their own or collaborating with other program participants to prepare a joint or regional submission.

Consolidated Plan program participants may:

  1. Regionally complete and submit an AFH with another jurisdiction (may include PHAs);
  2. Jointly complete and submit an AFH with a local Public Housing Agency (PHA); or
  3. Complete and submit an AFH individually.

PHA program participants may:

  1. Jointly or regionally complete and submit an AFH with a local jurisdiction or State entity;
  2. Jointly complete and submit the AFH with another PHA; or
  3. Complete and submit an AFH individually.

For the purposes of conducting and submitting a joint or regional AFH, program participants may collaborate with any other program participant(s), regardless of whether or not they are contiguous, provided that the collaborating program participants are within the same Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA). Program participants that seek to collaborate in a joint or regional AFH and are not located in the same CBSA or are not in the same state, must submit a written request to HUD for approval before proceeding with a joint or regional AFH. This written request should state why the collaboration is appropriate and should be made with sufficient time to complete the requirements of the AFFH rule, including the community participation requirements.

Please note that HUD expects HOME consortium members to submit a single AFH. For the purposes of the AFFH Rule, HUD considers a consortium that acts as a single unit of general local government for the purposes of the HOME program to also be a single program participant for the purposes of completing an AFH. As such, a HOME consortium must submit a single AFH that covers the jurisdictions that make up the consortium. HUD does not consider such a submission to be a “joint” or “regional” submission. As such, HOME consortia are not subject to the requirements to notify HUD of the intent to submit jointly or to complete a separate written agreement. Consolidated Planning regulations require HOME consortium members to be on the same cycle for the 3-5 year Consolidated Plan (and to submit a single Consolidated Plan), so the AFH due date would be the same for the entire consortium.

For more information concerning collaborations in the AFH process, please refer to Sections 3.2 and 3.3 of HUD’s AFFH Rule Guidebook. See also the Fair Housing Planning Process Under the AFFH Rule Fact Sheet for more information about collaborating on AFH submissions.

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