May an applicant submit more than one application if a CoC is made up of multiple communities?

Date Published: March 2019

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Yes. An applicant may submit more than one application, including for distinct communities located within the geographic area of a single Continuum of Care (CoC), even when the applicant is submitting an application for the entire geographic area of the CoC or another portion of the CoC’s geographic area. For example, communities might decide to submit one application that only includes the rural counties (as defined by Section I.A.4. of the YHDP NOFA) within a CoC’s geographic area and another, separate, application that covers the large urban center claimed by the CoC. In this case, HUD will review both applications and make a determination regarding selection, in part, based on the target community area requirements included in Section III.F.A. of the YHDP NOFA. HUD will not select more than one community per CoC, even if both applications score among the top ten applications according to the rating factors described in Section V.A.1. of the YHDP NOFA.

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