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May I count an outcome multiple times in Section 10 of the HUD-9902 form for one household during a reporting period?

Date Published: April 2018

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Each outcome identified in Section 10 of the HUD-9902 form should only be counted once for each household reported in Section 9 of the HUD-9902 form. Section 10 counts the number of households that gained access to resources, developed a sustainable budget, etc., not the number of resources that were accessed or the number of sustainable budgets developed.

For example, in November a rental client receives help developing a sustainable budget. The first quarter HUD-9902 form records this outcome in Section 10. The case is not closed because the counselor intends to follow up with the client. In March, the same client receives follow-up counseling and again, the counselor helps the client develop a sustainable budget. In this scenario the identical outcome cannot be recorded again for this household on the second quarter of the HUD-9902 form.

Tags: Housing Counseling Program Agency Activity Report (9902)

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